Saturday, February 5, 2011


Attended my first ever Crazy Crafty Chicks night with my mom. It’s at her local library, they swap ATC (Artist Trading Cards) and then do a craft project.

January was free, and it included 13 tags (these are about 4.75” by about 2.5”) someone had bought them at a flea market, or sale and donated them.

They also provided us with a print out of this years calendar by mini months. Point is, decorate tags, slap on little calendar of the month. Add ribbon, or jump ring and wala. Your own cute mini calendar!

Thanks to the library and the use of their scrapbook supplies, got me started. Took it home and finished it today. So with out further babble, here is mine. Let me know what you think! (oh and I did NOT do a January, since this I finished the project 5 days into February)


Thought it would be cute to add a rhinestone to the dates that were important (idea stolen from my mom the Queen!)


July is fantastically full of glitter. My birthday is the 19th, purple being my favoritest color, and lime green just looks fun with it!



Annnnnd you don’t get December, because my scanner hates me. Hope you got a kick out of them, as much as I did making them!

JCat McGack