Thursday, January 24, 2013

rAnDoM fabric, buttons and monkeys.

rAnDoM thoughts about fabric, clothes and buttons.

I’ve got fabric. LOTS of it. NOT from a store mind you. But from my closet. I can’t afford fabric, (maybe a few fat quarters here and there) because I’d want to spend the money on scrapbook supplies or coffee. So I’ve learned to hoard clothes.


In the process of TOO much clothes purging. I’ve accumulated about 4 garbage bags. 3 laundry baskets, and 4 other random containers FULL of clothes of some sort. Holy hell. AND note that the sewing area is the LAST to every get cleaned. EVER. Since it’s the last on my list of art to do, it’s often the dump room, and disaster zone.


Today’s project, and for the last few days is pulling OUT all that fabric, covering my washer and dryer in folded piles. AND putting on the shelves.

Now I need to go to Pinterest to find out WHAT to do with my kids adorable clothes I can not part with. How to create a blanket of my old t-shirts. What fun I can create with Ed’s 8 pairs of old corduroy pants and his 42 blue dress shirts.

I’ve taken the painful process of de-buttoning ALL the clothes. Men’s dress shirts have approx. 10 buttons per shirt. I’ve got a little glass jar, JUST for these things. For future mending! Brilliant I know. The fun kids buttons go to the scrapbook area.

I’ve got some fun pajama’s that have cute prints on them. I’m thinking holiday ornaments? Garland? Either the Whimsy Christmas trees or the monkey ones.

I did a post way back, “What do we see here” on cutting off the super cute (unstained) parts of kids clothes for scrapbooking. I’ve got a basket of those to cut up.


Stupid Sock Monsters were a thing I did a few years back. SUPER fun. I like to make ugly messy funny monsters. Alex STILL has his, and loves it. That weird red mess became Mia’s. AND I did make a super cute one (when I got much better at it) for my sister Susie’s 30th Birthday.





I have learned that I like to sew with reckless abandon. I think I learn best this way. And it helps that I’ve got 5 shelves FULL of clothes to cut up and tinker with. I’ve got to post some pictures here when I’m done organizing my sewing space. Here’s before… now this is somewhat clean. As in, I can sit in the chair clean.


It’s even cleaner then this now. I’ll keep you all on your toes and post when I’m all done! Oh, maybe a video tour!

JCat McGack