Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's start with my first Stupid Sock Monster, I was reading a magazine and found a kit you can buy in stores, so I went a hunting one day on a coffee buzz kid free afternoon.

I came across just what I wanted. John Murphy's Stupid Creatures. I bought it and quickly took it home to play.

The box, which is a great box. Seriously, it's a flip top kinda box, so I can keep it forever, store Stupid Creature parts in it, and what nots.

The box includes a very detailed book, with different Stupid Creature patterns, stuffing, socks, needles, buttons... maybe some other stuff too... can't remember.

But I like that ugly is key. So the jacked up strings, two different sized ears, and such are ok... I made the above guy 13 months ago. For my son, Alex's first birthday.

Sadly I haven't really sewn much since, but I had to go to birthday party last weekend, and so since I am broke, I made another for Gavin's 2nd Birthday...
It took a bit of this and that, LOTS of notes in the book, some socks, ribbon and buttons, but these guys are fun, and getting better as I go.
This mess was supposed to be Gavin's going with the whole 4th of July feeling, but his crotch ended up in his neck... and well I moved on... (he will always have a home in my art room though)

Here is my sewing station, with my other creatures nearby for help, my stacking boxes full of sewing notions and tools.

I had help from my assistant Chloe, she loved the red ribbon

And these two are for future projects, they are $1 socks I bought at Jewel Foods, last winter. I did play with the pink and purple one for my 4 year old daughter Mia, I will post a picture soon. I think the orange one will be for me!

Happy sewing everyone!

JCat McGack

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