Thursday, July 8, 2010

Scan this puppies!!


Alright SO I am a BIT excited. I installed, and set up the new printer to go with the laptop. Yeah I know, it's been done before, BUT let me tell you using a 9 year old computer, and a printer that HAD a scanner copier on it, but it didn't work didn't allow me the proper love that I now share for this one.

It's a HP Photosmart C4795, nothing fancy, when we got the laptop it was a deal tossed in, normally $100, we paid $40. Let's just say I feel quite the fancy pants right now. It's not the copy/scan/print that has me all excited, well maybe, but the scan part is something I haven't done in, plus the new touch screen is pretty wicked cool.

And now that I'm scrapbooking I can scan in my layouts, note that my 8x8 size pages will scan in nice and pretty... not sure how the 12x12's will work... anyway till then, enjoy my cute dog book above, and some layouts I did for my boxers, Maggie and Sophie.

(be prepared to say "aww")

(note you can click on the photos to see them bigger)
This is a comic that SO explains me and my girls to a T! They are known for destroying everything, especially Sophie!!
This one may be hard to read but this is where Sophie spend her time when I'm in the kitchen, right under my feet. She doesn't always beg, she just hangs out there. So when Ed and the kids are off playing, while I cook, this is my assistant.
When it's cold Sophie goes under the blanket, does the famous dog circles, and sticks her little face out. Awww....

Oh some one was in BIG BIG trouble. Now Sophie will destroy any TOY or NON food item, Maggie on the other hand is the food bandit.

I was SO mad because this was ALL the rice cereal I had left for Alex, till I was going shopping again. So what do I do? Grab my camera!

She had such a white beard from it all too!
And she knew she was busted, because she went right to her kennel (which is NOT used for punishment, but her safe spot and her bed) and wouldn't even look at me! Bad Maggie!! (but SO cute!)

Hope you enjoyed some of my fun pages. Next is the cat book!

JCat McGack

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LollyChops said...

What sweet babies! I love your LOs too!

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