Monday, August 30, 2010

Pool time, poop time and hot peppers up your nose

Hello! I have to share a few pages I just finished up over the weekend.

I got this awesome glitterly, shiney paper (glitter gets no justice in pictures!!) and I thought it would look better if it was sideways!!

We celebrated the 4th of July at our house this year, having everyone over for nummy food, and some pool time. I still have one more page still being finished to add to this lay out.

But here's some other ones that I did too...

Click to zoom, and if you look at my dad's nose, he has two hot pepper stuck up there!! He thought it was funny, to bad it burned like hell when he took them out!

So this page is mostly information, but it's like a crime report. Don't mind the red paper strips, that is covering our address and phone number (a bit too much info to give out)

So the crime report was on the repeat offender, Alexander. And his poo vandalism!

(sorry bout the flash on his forhead!)

Hope you enjoyed the pages, as much as I did creating!


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