Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The begining...

Once apon a time I was a wee little girl. And since the begining of my time on this planet, I remember an art/craft/sewing room in any house I've lived in.

My mom always made it a point to have me involved in projects, to sew our clothes, to make our toys.

I've dabbled in sewing, painting, anything crafty or that requires a glue gun, glue stick, modge podge.

I took all 4 years of H.S. art class from basics, to the simple art for the LD kids.

I draw, sketch and paint in my spare time. I also did paper mache' masks for a while. Well I did till I found rubber stamping.

Paper crafts have taken over my world of art, I found rubber stamps with my mom when we were visiting St. Augustine Florida. From there we bought and loved to stamp, but it wasn't until I found Stampin' Up that I truely fell in love.

From there I found scrapbooking. And mind you I held back. I tried, and often said "Oh I am in BIG trouble if I get into this scrapbooking thing. I just know it" well trouble found me, and I have been addicted ever since.

I joined Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator 6 years ago this September. I love the company they have the best stamps, and their quality and prices can't be beat.

As of now, I am in the mood to move on. I want to be my own company. I want to share me, my ideas and my crafts. So today is the day that "JCat McGack's" is born...


Maternal Mirth said...

Good for you! HUGS xoxox

Jenalyn said...

loving the new site...great start...dennis already wants one and i want one for my whole fam!!!! I love the lips on Gavins!