Friday, April 8, 2011

A new adventure is ours!


So we have officially opened a booth…

Now it’s NOT a craft booth, or an art booth. It’s a start.

A start on my Mom and I working together. To see how we do. How dedicated we are, and just how we work together.



(and yes I tried to picture fuse them together on Windows 7 ‘The cloud’ but it just wasn’t working)

So you ask what DO we sell?


Stuff from our house, stuff we buy cheap and can resell a bit higher

I consider it a permanent garage sale, a way to move the items in our house, be old or newer, toys or knick knacks.

I would LIKE to start making my UgLy SoCk MoNsTeRs, and putting a few in here. But for now this is what we’ve got.


Here we have what we like to call the ‘featured rack’ which is right now our Spring/Easter/Gardening display.

After one week we had to bring in more we were selling like crazy! (mostly the little Easter chachkey stuff)


It’s fun. My mom and I are really getting into rearranging the displays every week to keep it fresh, and updated.

Staging stuff is SO up our alley! So far in 6 days I made 18 dollars! Hooray!

Oh and the best part is, it’s at an old Mill house, where there are 60 booths for rent. We are on the second floor, second booth on the left.

So if your in Wilmington, IL be sure to check us out…

Milltown Market • 508 N.Kankakee • (815)476-0386 • Wilmington, Ill.

or check out their site at (be warned they have music on their site!)

JCat McGack

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