Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunshine and coffee

The two things that can inspire and artist greatly. Sunshine. and a good pot of coffee.

It’s a chilly Sunday morning in Channahon. But while my husband works, and my two children play, I sit in the front living room. In the morning, when we first wake up we come down the stairs to open the front door and pull open the shades to let in the sunshine!

We eat breakfast, and Sophie who is KNOWN for being Solar Sophie, goes from her spot at the end of the king size bed, to eating her breakfast, and then to the oh so wonderful sunshine.


I choose the big brown leather couch. Never the brown leather recliner, while it’s nice and comfortable, it’s because it rocks. (I get motion sick in it. Yes I’m that sensitive)

Some days I like to curl up in the small green chair, with embroidered gold swirls. While cleaning out my Grandma’s home, my cousin and I both said we would like that chair, so she challenged me to a game of Rock Paper Scissors my paper beat her rock!

I love the front living room this time of day, it has no tv, radio, game systems. It’s books, puzzles, books and magazines… and more books. It’s a room to visit, to unwind from a day, or rest before a day. So in comes the flood of sunshine this morning!

I curl up on the couch, Sophie on her favorite dog bed (thanks neighbor Jill!)  My big cup of Starbucks (this week is Espresso Roast)


What am I reading this morning? Well SO glad you asked, for Valentines my mom bought me the February/March/April issue of Where Women Create. I LOVE to read on other artists, their stories, their form of art. Anything from knitting, sewers, jewelry makers, photographers, mixed media artists, fabric creators, drawers… all in one fantastic book. It’s more of a book, it’s big, it’s beautiful on my coffee table, it’s got the best cover, not glossy, more with a texture. Oh and yes I love it so, that I wrote this post back in August about it… which makes me want to go reread that copy! And yes it’s probably my best form of inspiration, this week I also got my copy of Scrapbook Etc., and Creating Keepsakes, but the best was this one! Talk about inspiration all at once!

It’s the reminder I need. To go create, to make things from shrinky dinks, to paper mache, make my ugly dolls. To create with paper, and glue and glitter, and draw, ALL the time.

It’s a good combination. It’s the coffee, the sunshine, a squishy couch or a green and gold chair won by chance, the company of a beautiful boxer, of an inspirational magazine.

What’s your combination to be inspired?

JCat McGack

Feisty Orange Peel Mustache 2011


Quigs78 said...

Ugh. I'm totally UNinspired right now. I don't know where my mojo has gone, but I need to find it. Lately, I've been all over Pinterest, finding hundreds of cute things to do, but no energy and/or motivation to actually put the laptop down, get off the couch, and do it.

Maybe I'll get a cup of coffee and sit in the sun with the cats and see if that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Jacki, my inspiration comes from you! Your blogs, your wonderful writtings. You are the most creative person I know and you help me to want to do these things! I love crafts and now that I have the time (when we get back from Disney) I intend to do them! Thank you Jacki for the inspiration you send to all of us!
Love ya,

Maternal Mirth said...

Pintrest has inspired me ... a little. I don't think since becoming a SAHM that I've had many creative motivators or time to do anything. My mojo died with my career (AKA 8 daily hours of kid-free time, having an office I could shut the door to and an assistant to delegate sh*t to... God I miss those!).