Monday, August 27, 2012

Scrapbook the Everyday


This video was shared to me by my mom. Who no surprise is my everyday inspiration. She’s the one who taught me to hold scissors, to love paper, to create. She’s the one 34 years later who still reminds me to find my inspiration in the everyday.

I have to say this 13 minute and 38 second video was At the 2:50 mark my jaw fell open and I said out loud in a room by myself “OMG. WHY haven’t I done that with my pictures?! A DRAWER!!”

With out giving to much more away, I’ll let you watch it. I will tell you it’s worth it. If you scrapbook, and your stuck. THIS is the video to watch. I know I’ll be watching this one over. And over again.

Be sure to let yourself forget how supplies are supposed to be used. Be proud of your craft, your hobby. Even if you teach Sea Monkey’s to jump over the toaster. And after you watch her video again, and again. Go visit her site at

I’m going to the art room, inspired and excited.

Happy Creating!!

JCat McGack

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